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".....efficient and affordable."

I am a freelance website designer offering an efficient and affordable service for the personal or small business user.   

My Websites

".....think of it as a cheap online advertisement."

Fancy websites with lots of pages and moving graphics might look nice but they are not necessarily practical; they cost alot not only in original design but also upkeep. Most potential customers will only look at a website for a few seconds and if they can't find what they are looking for they will go back to their Google listing and try the next one.

What do you want quickly when you are looking for a service via a website? If you are like me you are probably most interested in the cost, a contact, and maybe a testimonial.

I specialise in "calling-card" one page websites ie. just a single home page that provides an online presence and gets a simple message across enabling a customer to make a quick decision - you might like to think of it as a cheap online advertisement. Easy to maintain, cheap to run, and there for as long as you continue to pay a minimal fee for your webspace hire.  Just like this one!

Who is it for?

".....customers now use the internet as their first port of call when they are seeking a product or service."

Many customers now use the internet as their first port of call when they are seeking a product or service, yet the majority of small businesses still do not have a website. My single home page service can overcome this quickly and cheaply. It is aimed at the following sorts of small businesses, sole traders, or private practitioners: musicians, therapists, tradesmen, tutors, bands, holiday let owners, actors, pubs, sports clubs, advisers, consultants, builders, alternative health practitioners and maybe even astronauts (why not?). Or you may just want your own personal home page, domain name and email address.


" page only but fully expandable."

These sites use the same format. They are one page only but fully expandable downwards with a fixed menu and logo if required at the side. The menu jumps you down the page to the relevant sections. This format allows an unlimited amount of text and photos. Click on the links below to see examples.


The Zambuca Tigers CC   

Your website here!

An alternative is shown below:

Shakti Dance   


A single home page of this format and length costs £99. This includes set up, email accounts, domain registration (a address), and webspace hire for one year. The price is fixed and no VAT is added.


To maintain your webpage you need to continue to pay webspace hire costs and domain name registration. I can continue to maintain your webpage at a cost of £69 per annum. This is an entirely optional maintenance charge that also covers minor textual changes. Alternatively you are of course welcome to take over ownership of your webspace.  Basic instructions and details will be given on request.

What next

Please contact me by email with your requirements and I will reply as soon as possible with full details. If you wish to go ahead I will need a few basic documents via email such as suggested text, colour preferences, and photos and logos if required.


Please contact me on simple and affordable one page websites by web designer in Brighton

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